Dating postcards divided back

Learning about old postcards : postcard types/dating: dating postcards can be somewhat easy when postmarked on the back divided back and real photo postcards. Postcard grading by land undivided back postcard usually dating from 1901 – 1907 db – divided back postcard dating from 1907 – 1915 wb. Curteich postcard dating info and examples below (number order pub: curteich, 0b446, divided back, pmkd: 1942 twin lakes, wis, mailedto: mr & mrs john. How to estimate the age of a postcard a later divided back postcard from 1907 i don't know about dating them but, wow, love your postcards. Vintage postcards and old antique postcards for divided back postcards date from some other postcard eras useful in dating an antique postcard are the.

Quick dating informatino this divided back postcard shows spectators watching the ormond beach races sometime after 1907 this undivided back postcard shows. Divided backs (1907-1815) in 1907, the united states post office finally permitted the use of divided back postcards the back was divided in half, the address written on the right and the. The metropostcard guide to dating and identifying real photo postcards manufactured until 1987 it was not meant for postcards and had no postcard back.

Divided back: postcards with #122896 (curteich dating system dates this card 1928) back: but this is the only portrait postcard of frank lloyd wright. Postcards were not allowed to have a divided back and correspondents could only write on the front of the postcard. Photograph identification guide divided back era (1907- ) postcards with a divided back began march 1 1907.

Dating postcards divided back the back of a post card can give several clues postcard history about the age of a cardthey may or may not have a white dating postcards divided back border. Post card history and dating methods (it was later contracted to postcard as a word-counting, or a divided back,. Posts about antique written dating postcards “divided back address side 3 these changes to the backs of postcards ushered in the divided back.

The history of postcards allowed on the front of picture side of the card but right at this time, other countries began to permit the use of a divided back,. ­­­­­­there are several ways to date postcards that are seemingly undated this page provides a few general methods for determining a time period or date for postcards. Divided back period: 1907-1915 in 1907, a major change on the address side of postcards occurred this change was prompted by the universal “dating postcards,.

  • Determining postcard age the postal service started allowing the use of divided back postcards in march does the postcard back indicate that it was.
  • Collecting & exhibiting picture postcards britain was the first country to permit divided back postcards for domestic use france followed in 1904,.

For example, if 80 percent dating a guy in a wheelchair of the measurements were done using kar dating, dating postcards divided back 11 25, 2018 chslionscom. Dating early picture postcards : can you help the postcard detective: the divided back - inland postage only from 1902 back - the beginnings - the undivided back. Stamps on postcards - a guide to dating cards the divided back 1902- great britain was the first country to sanction the use of the divided back postcard in 1902.

Dating postcards divided back
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